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Welcome To the "Save Selinsgrove Speedway Home Page"

Here you will find all the latest information that pertains to the saving the track. Latest news articles will be updated for all to view and to respond to.

While visiting this site, feel free to check out the "about me" page and read more about the situation and the track facility. Scan thru the photo section of various pictures from past to present of this great track, and  see photos of your favorite drivers that have raced at Selinsgrove Speedway, and Raceway Park. 




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Watch for Kirk Shelmerdine's Nextel Cup car this weekend at Dover, and next week at Pocono, for the "save selinsgrove speedway" and salem RV Decals on the racecar.






Save Selinsgrove Speedway Message Board

Total donations exceed $7,000

May 20,2005


A little over $7,000 was donated by all the race fans at Selinsgrove Speedway on 2 differant, Saturday nights of racing, to  help pay the operating expenses and legal fees, which are necessary for the committee to save the track, to move forward, in this, "takeover".

Gus would personally like to thank every single person that stepped foot through the gate on race nights,  for showing thier support,,and to witness yet another breath taking night of action at Selinsgrove Speedway, as always.


All the donations have been put to great use. The money has been deposited into an account in the name of the firm of lawyers handling the situation.

They have informed us that it does take up to $10,000 to put such a plan together to purchase, and sell,  the shares of the speedway grounds.

So, the save the track committee, and Gus would like to say thank you for helping this cause. You can also thank yourself for being so concerned about the track, and generous enough to donate towards this great track.

The lawyers  have informed Gus, that they will still need  a small amount of funds, for the commiitee to save the track, to reach the neccessary funds, to complete this plan.


"Chuck's Sports Bar's, Save the Track extravaganza"


Gus and the owner of Chuck's Sports Bar, have joined heads to promote a, "Save the Selinsgrove Speedway day.

A day where all race fans, can hopefully start to celebrate the saving of the speedway.

There will be an all day party held at Chuck's sports bar on Saturday, June 11, with all donations and proceeds going to help finish off payment for all legal fees and operating expenses.  

A quick look into the day,  will be,  chicken barbeque, auctions, racing paraphanalia, Race cars and drivers, food and refreshements.

More information about the day long event will be given shortly.      


Things are definetly looking good,,,and progress is going well as expected. Stay tuned for more information regarding the party at Chuck's, and the progress of saving the track.





Gus has been hard at work lately with our quest, even though there has'nt been much news to report to the public. Most of the work needed to be done as of late, has much to do with legal operations, lawyers, paperwork and filing. It is all costing money out of Gus's pocket, so donations are highly appreciated for the expenses.

The committee has been informed by the legal authority, that to accomplish this task of saving the track, and moving forward, a major step toward a submission of legal offer to purchase the shares, is now in sight.

Legal advisors behind Gus, have been making major progress on giving us the oppurtunity to go forward with the propossal. 




Sale of Selinsgrove Speedway

28 April 2005 3:00 PM


As of this date and time,  Gus has been in contact with the Selinsgrove Speedway Officials, DH&L Fire Company, the Selinsgrove Fairboard and the attorney handling the situation.  He can officially report,  that in fact, the Speedway is not under aggreement of sale with anyone at this time. However,  all proceedings are under way with the effort, that Gus has put forth,  along with comunity support to save the Speedway. All other rumors on chat rooms, or in your places of work, concerning this situation,  ARE NOT TRUE!!!!!

If you have any questions or comments, please refer to the phone number and email in order for them to be answered. The racing community will still need to step forth in the days and weeks to come, when the actual stocks in question become available. This is not a solicitation of any sort, just a reminder for everyone to stay in tune and bear with Gus until all proceedings are accomplished. We apologize for the time, and delay, that this matter has takin. However,  there are circumstances beyond our control at this time. We understand that everyone is as anxious as we are to see this process of saving the track accomplished.  However,  please be patient and try to refrain from spreading unofficial rumors, and untruth's.

 Refer to this site for all official information on this subject. You will be notified as soon as pertanent information is available!






Save Selinsgrove Speedway coordinator Gus Shultz is still on schedule with the plan,,,and submission of offer, to the DH&L. It has become a deal , filled with paperwork,,and legal matters. This won't happen overnight, nor in a week. It needs to be done as soon as possible, but the process can't be, "rushed". It needs to be done right. “I am 100% confident with the response of all of the parties involved, that all efforts in our quest to save the speedway will be successful.” said Shultz.

Over 10,000 hits on websites have stirred up even more attention here locally, and as far as the Mississippi River. We have received numerous phone calls, and emails with inquiries on helping save the track. Our Army of fighting racers is growing by the day. 


Shultz will be meeting with the Fire Company, and his counsel  later this week, and again next week,  in order to expedite the eventual transactions in an effort to keep the property a race track. There are many legal issues that prevent this from being a, "quick deal". The Fire company is eager to sell, get their money, and upgrade their facilities, but they are also being cooperative, in giving Gus, and his commitee, ample time to construct their plan, and submit an offer.  Because the Fire Company also would like to see the track stay up and running for years to come, as we all do.

 Updates on this progress can be found on the website:



As for any individual interested in helping save the track in any way, please email at,

Thank you again, to all the race fans on donations for the, save Selinsgrove Speedway  Drive, and all the support so far. 




This website was made for the sole intention of saving one of the greatest and historic dirt tracks on the east coast,,,,,Selinsgrove Speedway.

Your input,,questions, or requests are greatly appreciated to all, whom are attempting to make this happen.

Click on the email link on the, "contact page", to send ALL requests, ideas,  questions, or feel free to give your imput in our chat room on the message board link below. 

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4/19/2005 Support from racing community is enormous

Update on support from community:

  The news of Selinsgrove Speedway's future,  has spread like a wild fire as of late, from this website, to forums in a dozen other racing websites across the country. From local radio, and newspaper acticles,  to more widespread, local television. The "hits" on this topic in forums across the east coast, have been enormous. An estimated 10,000 hits on articles pertaining to the track's possible closure, have been read by one or another. An important step in the "committee to save the track", is to make aware of the situation, and inform all of the latest news on how saving the track is going to work. And it's been a success.

We have been informed that the news has indeed spread towards the Nascar community. Although the Nascar world is not in the plans of the local buisness owners venture into purchasing the track to keep it in operation, but allowing the Nascar people to be made aware of the situation is important to all types of racing.  Getting the situation the track's future is in,,to outside of our area's own racing community, would  definetly be a help, in reaching out for as much support as possible from all race fans across the country.

The Story behind the sale of Selinsgrove Speedway


Selinsgrove Speedway is a 60 year old piece of historic land that has held racing of all kinds from go-carts to sprint cars, and almost everything in between. The land that the race track sits on, is owned by the shareholders of the DH&L fire company and the Selinsgrove Fairboard Assoiciation.

The DH&L fire company owns the majority of the shares, making them the majority shareholders giving them the right to do with the land as they choose.

The fire company is in need of a new public social hall, improvements to the fire company facility, and eventually new fire fighting equipment and new trucks. The improvements would obviously improve the way of life for all area townspeople with security of an up to date fire company and equipment.

The problem with the area race fans, is that there is a offer on the table as we speek, from a developer, who plans to shut down the speedway, and build a housing development.

Everyone agrees that the fire company is intitled to sell their shares of the speedway, so they can receive the well needed money.

But,,that will mean an end to 60 years of historic racing in the central Pa. area at the track.

Our goal is to purchase those shares from  DH&L Fire Company, and keep racing alive at Selinsgrove for another 60 years +.

It is a win win situation if this can be accomplished. The fire company gets their money to upgrade, and area race fans get to keep their historic track from closing it's doors.



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